Ways to Pre-Diagnose your system

If you have ever had a system continually reboot on startup, then here are a couple of steps to pre-diagnose your system to make the recommended actions for repair. First step is to get to the boot menu screen for Windows. These steps do not apply to Mac. While the system is POSTing (Power on Self Test) start tapping the “f8” key on the keyboard. If a message appears that there is a keyboard error, just hit the key they indicate to continue and then keep pressing “f8”. The menu will appear showing options to boot into Safe Mode among other options. The option we are looking for is “Disable Automatic Restart”. This will stop the continuous reboot and display the page with the information that the technician needs to properly diagnose your system. Supply this information while scheduling your appointment, so the technician can have the necessary tools to repair your system. If this has happened to you, please call 270-4550 and schedule an appointment today!


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