Lagging Online Videos: Beyond Your Internet Connection

Lagging Online Videos

Lagging Online Videos: Beyond Your Internet Connection

Streaming video content is great because you have to view fewer commercials, you can binge watch shows in an instant, and content libraries are filled with hundreds of shows and movies. One of the biggest problems when watching content on a computer, however, is dealing with lag times.
Videos sometimes buffer, freeze, or won’t load at any point. While internet connections or poor Wi-Fi connections are often blamed, connection issues are not always the problem. If you are constantly having problems with your internet connection, the problem may run deeper than your WiFi.
A repair specialist can help identify and eliminate problems so videos play smoothly every time. If you understand what specific reasons these problems may be occurring, you can get a better idea of the repair process needed for your device.
Malware & Viruses

Many people may use computers every day without realizing there is a virus present on their computers. The computer viruses can not only do harm to files and system installations, but the viruses can directly impact the way you browse online.
Malware and viruses are major resource killers on computers. Viruses may be constantly scanning, downloading, and accessing information. If this is the case, the Malware could have a direct impact on the way your computer operates.
Professional computer technicians can perform a full system scan and help eliminate any viruses plaguing your computer. The key to eliminating viruses is finding the root of the cause and preventing the problem from spreading. Not only will your videos play better online, but you will have an overall improved performance on the computer as a whole.
Along with eliminating viruses, computer technicians have the ability to install virus protection software so the problem does not occur again in the future.
Background Processes

While viruses can slow a computer down, sometimes viruses are not the only issue. Even when an internet browser is running, you may have dozens of unwanted applications running in the background.
Cloud operating software, automated software updates, and other software can take up a lot of your internet speed. Computer technicians can fix your device so these processes are minimized and the majority of internet speed is dedicated to your online video streaming.
The repairs and virus elimination process can also make a huge difference for downloading and uploading all types of video content. Some streaming websites offer offline content downloading so you can watch footage without an internet connection.
Graphics Cards & Video Drivers

In some cases, the performance of an online streaming website can be directly impacted by the graphics cards or video drivers you are using in a device. If the performance level is not great, then you can experience lag in these videos.
The audio may appear off, the videos may appear to have glitches, and a lot of the videos may not seem like they are in HD quality. To help with graphics card issues, a computer technician can help install and update the graphics card on your computer. Graphics card companies often update drivers with better software, but the updates are not installed automatically on the computer.
Upgraded video drivers can also make a huge difference in the way your current graphics card performs. New drivers will prevent the need to fully update the hardware in the system. In some cases, outdated video drivers cannot handle the types of videos played on current websites and through downloaded apps.
A technician has the ability to identify the graphics card you have and find the most up to date drivers.
Our computer technicians at Computer Medics can diagnose any problems and get your internet speed running as fast as possible for internet video.


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