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Computers are as essential to businesses as tires are to cars: without computes, most businesses today could not exist nor could they operate. Computers are so integrated in our lives that most of us rely on them daily for our tasks. We use them to wake up in the morning when the alarm goes off, to plan our day, to communicate with friends, families, and work colleagues, and to talk over video conferencing with our kids who are away at college. When our computers don’t work, frustration ensues and it seems like our life stops and, depending on our work, work stops — resulting in lost income for the business. Computer repair becomes a top priority.

Computer Medics near Las Vegas specializes in home computer repair services, business networking services, and on site computer repair. We offer private cloud backup and computer support. We troubleshoot computer problems quickly to get your computer back up and running as soon as possible. Below, we detail a few of our many computer support services.


  • Residential computer support. Computer Medics offers home computer repair services. We can provide home networking setup, help with computer hardware fixes, implement a virus removal safeguard system, help with Cloud backup, transfer your data to a new computer, and assist with smart home connect.
  • Business computer support. Computer Medics offers on site computer repair and services for businesses. We can help with computer networking setup, domain networking services, commercial printing, and offside Cloud backup services. Businesses are often targets for malware and ransomware, so we can set up a virus protection system as well to keep your software and computer hardware safe from hackers.
  • Remote computer support. Computer Medics near Las Vegas can diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues of a computer or other electronic device, using the internet (or remotely) from a distant location. As long as you have computer access, a computer technician can give you a special code to connect to your computer. Also commonly called desktop sharing, a computer technician can fix many of your computer problems and help set up software as well.

Computer Medics is passionate about helping others solve their computer problems. With decades of experience in the computer industry, we can help with older equipment as well and recommend upgrades if needed. We can custom build computers and troubleshoot those as well. Our computer technicians are highly trained and highly skilled with a passion for technology. Troubleshooting computers to us is like a puzzle that is begging to be solved, and we don’t quit until the pieces are put together.

Our customers like to say we’re their own IT department. We’ll listen to the symptoms and recommend the best approach to take for your computer repair. We take our time to explain everything our customers may need to know, and make sure you understand “computer speak” before we leave. We strive to offer the best computer repair services in the greater Las Vegas area. Contact Computer Medics today with all your computer needs!


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