Residential Services

Computer Repair Experts

Expert Residential PC and Laptop Repair Services in Las Vegas

At Computer Medics, we understand technology is pivotal to your daily life. We offer comprehensive residential PC repair services in Las Vegas to ensure your devices run smoothly and securely.

Virus Removal

Scanning and Detection: Our experts meticulously scan your devices, identifying and logging any viruses or malware.

Removal and Cleaning: We swiftly and efficiently remove viruses, ensuring your system’s integrity.

Internet Security Protection: We fortify your system with top-notch security to prevent future infections.

Software Protection Installation: Our team installs advanced software protection to protect your data.

Disaster Recovery Services

Physical Hard Drive Failure: In the event of hardware failures, we help recover your precious data.

Data Recovery: Our specialists work diligently to retrieve your lost data.

Virus Cleanups and Preventions: We clean up viruses and implement preventative measures.

Online Data Backup and Restore Service: Shield your vital information and restore it safely using our cutting-edge online data archiving and restoring facility.

Computer Maintenance

Disk Tune-up Scan Disk-de Fragment-cleanup: We optimize your computer’s performance with disk tune-ups.

Anti-virus Updates: Safeguard your system with consistent anti-malware enhancements.

Windows Critical Updates: We guarantee your system remains up-to-date with vital Windows enhancements.

Adware/Spyware Prevention: Ward off adware and spyware intrusions with our preventive measures.

Browser Pop-up Blockers: Bid farewell to bothersome pop-ups using our browser suppressors.

Home Networks Services

Secured Wireless Networks: We set up secure wireless networks to protect your online activities.

DSL Installations: Get your DSL connection up and running smoothly.

Internet Sharing: Share your internet connection effortlessly.

Printer Sharing: Make printer sharing among devices hassle-free.

Router Setup and Repair: Our experts handle router setup and repairs.

Network Security (Firewall): We enhance your network security with robust firewalls.

Cabling: Our professionals handle cabling for efficient connections.

Wireless Range Extension: Extend your wireless range for seamless connectivity.

Computer Medics is your dedicated technology lifeline. Contact us today to schedule our PC and laptop repair services in Las Vegas and experience the difference with our expert solutions.