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Home is where the heart is. It is also where a majority of our Internet usage is logged. And, in this day and age, we expect our internet to be lightning quick. One way to ensure your internet connection is reliable at home is through home networking. Home networking is where all of your electronic devices (computers, TV, SmartPhones, printers, laptops, and iPads) all use the same internet connection. Computer Medics near Las Vegas specializes in installing and configuring home networking. We also troubleshoot home networking problems. Contact us today for availability.

The vast majority of the population relies on computers in some capacity — either directly or indirectly — to live. Most jobs involve computers or computer technology, from operating heavy equipment that has computer chips running the engine to ringing up a sale at the grocery store. Most of us have personal data stored on our computers and phones, such as family photos or work documents. When the internet goes down, most of us don’t know what to do with ourselves. Many of our businesses can’t operate and many of our daily tasks come to a halt. However, there another reasons computers go down besides the internet — another more insidious reason — viruses. Viruses are usually prompted by hackers whose sole goal is to gain access to your personal information with the main goal of stealing your identity or credit card information. Computer Medics near Las Vegas can help. We specialize in virus removal and virus prevention. We can clean your computer and install virus protection that will give you peace of mind. Contact us today!


A computer virus in essence is a piece of code or a computer program written to alter your computer in some fashion. It’s designed to spread from host to host (computer to computer) and can replicate itself, just like a living virus we all can catch. A computer virus tries to hide in legitimate programming or documents. If launched, a computer virus can copy information, corrupt your files, erase your files, or cause other damage. Computer viruses only live in files and documents, so once you stop them, they can’t spread any more.


Similar to human viruses, a computer virus lives in a file, program, or document, and is only activated once that file is run. Hence, your computer could have a virus without you knowing it. However, just because it’s dormant, doesn’t mean it’s inactive. A computer virus can spread to other files or other computers on your same network while it’s sitting on your computer or other electronic device. This is what makes a computer virus so dangerous to businesses, and since we’re all connected to a computer somehow and as the Cloud grows, the potential for viruses to spread and to cause irreparable harm is only intensified.

Computer viruses have grown in capacity and in targets. From stealing your passwords and data, logging your keystrokes, corrupting your files, sending scam emails, spamming your email contacts, and even taking over your computer or electronic device, these are just some of the devastating and time-consuming tasks a virus can do. While some are designed for fun, most of the time computer viruses are designed for financial gain. It isn’t exactly easy to design a computer virus, so these are very sophisticated, powerful, and professional, with very intentional targets in mind.


There are a variety of ways computer viruses spread, the most common being through email attachments. In this day and age, people treat emails like phone calls and texts — they must be answered. However, it’s prudent to exercise extreme caution when opening emails from those whom you don’t know. It’s often better to just delete the emails unread, especially if it’s something you have nothing to do with. Internet file downloads are another common way for computer viruses to spread. Again, exercise caution when surfing the internet and choosing files to download. Viruses can hide as attachments of socially shareable content such as funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files. Your mobile device can become infected as well through app downloads.


If you think you’re a victim of a nasty computer virus, contact the Computer Medics in Henderson, NV, today. We can help clean your computer and rid it of all computer viruses, help with computer repair if the bug has infected or messed with your files, and install the best virus protection to keep you safe from further virus attacks. We can install firewall software to help stop computer viruses, worms, trojans, hackers, malware and ransomware. Computer viruses are evolving all the time and getting more sophisticated. Computer Medics near Las Vegas does our best to beat the bad guys. Contact us today for virus removal and virus protection!

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  • All other Malware and Ransom Ware

A Computer Virus can slow down your computer and stop your Windows from booting up. Maybe more troublesome is the thought that someone has access to your private information. Cyber crime is on the rise and cyber criminals can make your life stressful and financially crippling. Systems known as “Malware” includes the computer freezing, popups, messages about performance optimization, and screens that say your’re infected. This might be a sign that you are infected and require repair. We have seen many variations of Malware and Adware programs. Not all Antivirus/Anti spyware can protect you 100% but they get close. Our trained technicians can clean your computer and install protection that gives you peace of mind.

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