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Home is where the heart is. It is also where a majority of our Internet usage is logged. And, in this day and age, we expect our internet to be lightning quick. One way to ensure your internet connection is reliable at home is through home networking. Home networking is where all of your electronic devices (computers, TV, SmartPhones, printers, laptops, and iPads) all use the same internet connection. Computer Medics near Las Vegas specializes in installing and configuring home networking. We also troubleshoot home networking problems. Contact us today for availability.

We are now assisting clients in installing Amazon Alexa and Google Home We setup the Smart speakers and room pods. We can assist in linking these devices to other smart home devices. I.e.. Doorbell cameras, smart wall plugs, thermostats, flood sensors and room lighting. We can also Advise on Home automation products.

We are an established Computer repair company we have been in business since 1999. Longevity I think sets us aside. We have seen 10’s of thousands of clients from Advertising and referral over the past 2 decades. We Service Home and business computers and networks, both Mac and PC. We service Small Server networks with less than 25 workstations. We do same day service and most of the time we answer the phone. Clients never pay a travel fee or “trip charge” for our service. We notify our clients upon booking and notification of traveling to location. We accept all forms of payment including a web portal if needed.

Our rates are as follows: $99 per hour for Business clients non server work. $129 per hour business clients with server work. Residential clients are $89 per hour. Both residential and business are a 1 hour minimum.

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Each of the employees at Computer Medics are highly trained technicians who have a passion for technology. It is not only our job but our hobby as well.

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