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Home is where the heart is. It is also where a majority of our Internet usage is logged. And, in this day and age, we expect our internet to be lightning quick. One way to ensure your internet connection is reliable at home is through home networking. Home networking is where all of your electronic devices (computers, TV, SmartPhones, printers, laptops, and iPads) all use the same internet connection. Computer Medics near Las Vegas specializes in installing and configuring home networking. We also troubleshoot home networking problems. Contact us today for availability.


There is currently more mobile devices on the planet than humans. Five times as many SmartPhones are sold in one day than the number of children born in a day. With the demand for internet only increasing, it’s important to have a reliable home networking system.

  • Mobility. No longer are you rooted to your desk for internet connectivity. With a wireless home network connection, you can take your device wherever you want in your home and surrounding your home, which is nice when you need to Google your destination from your car parked outside your home.
    File sharing. This is mostly due to the Cloud, which stores information on a server over the internet for all who have the password to access instead of storing the data on a hard drive.
  • Consolidated accounts. With a home networking system, you don’t have to pay for multiple accounts to access the internet. You will probably have to upgrade either data usage and/or speed, but in the long run, you’ll save money and won’t have multiple bills to pay.
  • Telephone services. With a home network, you can have telephone access through your router. Known as Voice Over IP (VoIP), this is often a way to make inexpensive phone calls, especially international calls.
  • Gaming options expanded. Having a home network allows all network capable video gaming solutions, which is most of the big gaming systems these days such as Nintendo Wii, Microsoft’s XBox, and Sony’s Playstation, to quickly get online.
  • Printers. With a wireless home network, all of your electronic devices can print to the same printer, using the same at home internet. More devices are being made network capable as well, from Scanners to Webcams, and CD burners.
  • Working from home. Having a solid internet connection and a job where most of your files are Cloud-based makes working at home more feasible for some people. Working from home has many advantages as well that is especially appealing to moms.

Home networking is a great solution to saving money in the long run and eliminating annoying problems of connectivity and mobility. With just a modem, a router, and a strong internet connection with a good amount of purchased data, you can use your home network in more places than ever before. Home networking can be installed using either a wireless device (such as a modem), a wired connection (such as your cable company might offer), or Ethernet connection.

The functionality of a home networking system cannot be overstated. As technology continues to progress, more devices are being made network capable, which makes living at home (and working from home) much simpler. Soon, we’ll see appliances such as your refrigerator connected to your internet. A home network allows you to monitor your internet usage much closer, which is important if you have kids, as well as to see your internet usage patterns as well. If you’re in the Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, area, give Computer Medics in Henderson a call. We specialize in home networking installation services and can have all of your home electronic devices connected in no time. Contact us today!

Computer Medics can make your home networking problems disappear.

  • Home Network Investigation
  • Home Network installation and setup
  • Smartphone and Tablet integration with your Home Network
  • Troubleshooting
  • Home Network Repair
  • File, Printer, Scanner, and Fax Networking

Residential or home networking allows you to easily combine your desktop computer, laptop computer, printers, and tablets into one integrated network. Nowadays, most homes have more than one computer. By networking the devices you can benefit from sharing the internet connection as well as sharing the printers. By networking your computers there are benefits. Say you are away from home and want to get a copy of a file that is on your desktop. While networked you have access to all the resources you have at home. Networking can be achieved 3 ways: wired, wireless, and Ethernet over powerline. We are experts in Wireless Network Setup and repair, Network Repair, Sharing Network Connections, Wireless Security, Printer Sharing, File sharing, and just about everything else wireless.

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