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Home is where the heart is. It is also where a majority of our Internet usage is logged. And, in this day and age, we expect our internet to be lightning quick. One way to ensure your internet connection is reliable at home is through home networking. Home networking is where all of your electronic devices (computers, TV, SmartPhones, printers, laptops, and iPads) all use the same internet connection. Computer Medics near Las Vegas specializes in installing and configuring home networking. We also troubleshoot home networking problems. Contact us today for availability.


Besides the puffy, white balls floating in the sky, cloud refers to the ability to access computer, information technology (IT), and software applications through a network connection, often by accessing data centers using wide area networking (WAN) or Internet connectivity.

Almost everything relating to IT can live in the cloud: computer programs, services, applications, or entire systems. For businesses, installing the servers, software, and networking resources is all that is needed, but even all of this can be accessed via the cloud.


Cloud backup,or online backup, is where data is sent over a proprietary or public network and stored on an off-site server, making another copy of your data. The server is usually hosted by a third-party, which charges for this service usually based on size of storage needed or number of users who need access to the data. This server could be owned by the company or maybe another company altogether.

Many computer companies provide cloud backup (which is called cloud computing), such as Computer Medics.


Back directly to the public cloud. Data is written directly to the cloud providers. Examples of this are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
Back up to a service provider. Data is written to a cloud service provider with backup services in a managed data center.
Cloud-to-cloud backup. Used almost exclusively for data that lives in the cloud (known as software as a service (SaaS) applications), this practice copies that data to another cloud.


  1. Private cloud backup. This is mainly for businesses who have cloud services that only their employees can access. This service can be purchased or leased.
  2. Public cloud backup. Anyone can have access with the fee.
  3. Hybrid cloud backup. A combination of private and public use.

Cloud computing has grown by leaps and bounds and is only projected to continue to do so as more and more people understand cloud computing and its benefits. Almost any service, web application, or digital media can be accessed via the cloud.


  • Accessibility. You are no longer tied to your computer or office. With cloud computing, you can access the cloud from anywhere there is an internet connection and an electronic device with internet capabilities.
  • Recovery. If something happens, all your data is gone. That is potentially thousands of dollars of work. Do you really want to lose that?
  • Automatic backup. You won’t have to worry about remembering to back up your work. Most cloud services offer real-time backup.
  • Sharing files. When your information is in the cloud, anyone in your organization can access it. Passwords can be setup to increase security if needed.

Computer Medics offer Cloud backup services. Cloud backup is safe and secure, automatic, and compliant with all privacy laws. Easy to use and customizable for your specific needs, our cloud backup service will give you peace of mind with your data. Contact us today for more details on our offerings!

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