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Home is where the heart is. It is also where a majority of our Internet usage is logged. And, in this day and age, we expect our internet to be lightning quick. One way to ensure your internet connection is reliable at home is through home networking. Home networking is where all of your electronic devices (computers, TV, SmartPhones, printers, laptops, and iPads) all use the same internet connection. Computer Medics near Las Vegas specializes in installing and configuring home networking. We also troubleshoot home networking problems. Contact us today for availability.


If you have a growing home office or a business, a business computer network will become essential to operation. A computer network, also called a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), connects multiple computers and peripherals (a keyboard or printer that is not essential to a computer operating), so everyone in the office can share the same Internet connection.

Knowing your business’ needs will help you determine which business network to set up. Assess facts such as how many computers are you using and what kind of data you will be sharing. Also, consider whether you need or want a wireless network or a wired network — both of which have distinct advantages and is why most businesses use both. A wired network is faster and more reliable, while a wireless network can be accessed from anywhere within the office or even within the building.


The basic elements of a business network are a wired or wireless router (also called a gateway or access point) and a server or a computer to act as a server. Some small businesses use secure, cloud-based servers rather than a physical server in the office. More and more businesses use cloud-based servers since the advantages of the cloud are numerous. Cloud computing as cloud-based services in general are called allows a business to do more with less, allows access from any device with an internet connection, and improves collaboration, sometimes, making this seamless with other businesses. In fact, the adoption of the cloud is accelerating faster than anticipated. If you anticipate continued strong growth and you deal with sensitive data, transitioning to the cloud makes the most sense.

Security will be paramount for your business. Once you have your business network set up, institute basic security features such as installing firewalls, turning on wireless encryption and VPN to enable remote access, and limiting the number of authorized users to the most sensitive data. Hiring an outside source or a company such as Computer Medics to set up your security system is the safest way to secure your sensitive business information and protect it from malware and hackers.


Computer Medics hinted at the reasons you need a business computer network above. Below are the details:

  • File sharing. File sharing allows everyone in your business access to the same file and prevents people from accidentally creating different versions.
    Printer sharing. With a business network, several computers can share the same printer, saving you money and space in peripherals.
  • Communication and collaboration. Not only does a business network allow employees to share files, it allows one to view other people’s work and exchange ideas more efficiently. In a larger office, e-mail and instant messaging tools promote even better and quicker communication.
  • Organization. A variety of scheduling software is available that makes it possible to arrange meetings without constantly checking everyone’s schedules. This software usually includes other helpful features, such as shared address books and to-do lists.
  • Remote access. Having your own business network allows greater mobility while maintaining the same level of productivity. With remote access in place, users are able to access the same files, data, and messages even when they’re not in the office.
  • Data protection. You should know by now that it’s vital to back up your computer data regularly. A network makes it easier to back up all of your company’s data on an offsite server, a set of tapes, CDs, or other backup systems. Furthermore, data security features are easier to maintain with cloud-based servers.

Computer Medics specializes in setting up business computer networks for your business or office space. We are experienced and knowledgeable and will set up your business computer network based on your needs. With small businesses, we understand every penny counts. We are here to help you maximize your resources for future business success. Contact us today with all your business computing needs!


Let Computer Medics setup your Office or Home Office quickly and easily. We can run cabling and pull lines to boxes. We are specialists in Network router setup and monitoring. We have the tools and equipment to diagnose broken connections and weak signals. We use new connectors and wall jacks to expand or repair your existing wall jacks. We can rewire a computer room and install or replace patch panels. We are certified to work on your Server and Domain controller. When it comes to business and home office networking, we have you covered.

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