Laptop Repair

Initially when laptops were first introduced to the market, they were rather large and bulky. They did not have near the power and options you find in today’s laptops and notebooks. The older laptops that were introduced many years ago had one advantage over today’s laptops, they lasted.

It seems in the present day everything breaks down, needs parts, or needs some type of repair within months, or a year from purchase, and laptops are no different. Laptop repair has become a very big business with so many people using them these days.

One of the most common issues laptop or notebook users experience is problems with the power source. You’re in that big meeting, or getting ready for a test and the darn thing won’t turn on! Most of the time it just needs a recharge, but when you discover that after charging it for a sufficient amount of time it still won’t turn on, you probably have a power supply issue.

Most of the time you’re looking at a power jack that went bad or a power adapter that is no longer functioning properly. If you’re not careful when plugging in or unplugging your ac adapter, you can damage your power jack. Your power jack can also malfunction from wear on the connections that are soldered. A properly trained laptop repair technician can usually repair this damage for you.

Another common issue for laptops can be overheating. If you use your laptop on a surface like the carpet, or in bed on a blanket it can restrict the airflow that cools your laptop. There are small fans in your laptop that pull cool air in, and push hot air out. If you restrict this flow you’re asking for all sorts of problems.

When a laptop overheats it will usually shut itself down, but in the process you can damage your hard drive and other key components. Even if you use your laptop on primarily hard services, you should also check the vents that the air flows through regularly to ensure there hasn’t been a buildup of dust or lint.

Many laptop users these days are experiencing one of the most frustrating problems, viruses. They can slow your laptop down, cause it to freeze at the worst possible moments, and cause general havoc with your system. If you don’t already have a virus removal program installed on your laptop that works, the best bet is to call a laptop repair professional that performs virus removal.

A qualified computer repair specialist will diagnose the problem and have your computer virus free in less than 1 hour in most cases. If you try to do it yourself, you may make it worse. There are many fake virus removal programs out there that infect your system and cause all new problems. Best to go with a pro from the start.

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